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HM BITUMEN started its tasks as a merchant in 2021 long term, Hm Bitumen Company Limited, settled in Assam and its branches in Kolkata and Manipur , Kashipur . Hm Bitumen Provide all India service for bitumen products from that point forward the organization has occasionally changed with in reverse mix, Hm Bitumen came into Assembling Cycle and Imports to match current Country needs of Petrochemicals & Bitumen Items.

Hm Bitumen Trusts that “Quality is never a mishap, it is generally consequence of a wise Exertion.” Start one of the Trailblazers in the Bitumen Business, Hm Bitumen arrangement and Extended various skylines of Creating, Assembling and Providing Bitumen, Emulsions, Changed Bitumen Like PMB – Polymer Altered Bitumen, CRMB – Scrap Elastic Based Adjusted Bitumen and Other worth added Bituminous Items.

Hm Bitumen guarantees in Quality norms. We consider with delivering and Assembling Great items in a single plant. With exceptionally prepared apparatuses we can deliver high number of items with quality measures.

Our Exploration division discoveries take our items higher than ever of accomplishment. We could additionally like to provide earlier than your accurate self that our merchandise is being utilized by all principal avenue production government and businesses executing initiatives withinside the complete North INDIA and North Eastern region.

The above government encompass top-rated companies like MORT&H, NRRDA, NHAI and NHIDCL different State Highway Authorities consisting of initiatives. With the care of Occupational health & protection control system, Hm Bitumen adhere to all worldwide fashionable and contain all important create, produce, deliver product with excellent make and finish.By Maintaining innovated products, tremendous operations, we adhere to all worldwide standards & contain all of the important excellent protocols.